Life Chain - October 1

Here's another chance to be involved in a national pro-life event. The Life Chain will take place on Sunday, October 1. Use the link or contact your church to find out where to go. Stand up and show your support for the women and children threatened by abortion.


Stories and pics

The pictures and stories that we have received from Wash for Life '06 are up on the website! It has been an exciting time for us, hearing about all the good things that happened on September 16. We hope you enjoy them too.

If you did a car wash and still have something you want to share, by all means send it to us - we'd love to expand the '06 'yearbook.'


WFL '06!

We did it! Thank you and congratulations to all our groups. Many have already sent us their results, and the rest will do so shortly. Keep an an eye on our website: we will be posting lots of stories and pictures in the next couple weeks. We've heard many great things, and are looking forward to sharing them. Praise God!



Here it is! The big day has arrived. Good luck to all our groups. Have fun, wash lots of cars, and don't forget to send us your results. The Wash for Life team has all of you in our prayers!


The last push

We're two days away! Katherine Lopez's article came out on National Review Online and has appeared in several newspapers. We just came out on Focus on the Family's CitizenLink.com again. We've also been interviewed and recorded for several Christian radio programs. More and more people are hearing about the Wash for Life - this Saturday should be exciting!

The car wash locations are being updated, and last minute sign ups are still coming in. Think we can make it to 200?


Happy Birthday Briena!

Happy Birthday Briena, the big 22!


10 days to go

The last couple days have been big for us, with great articles on LifeNews, Townhall, and National Review Online.

Here's the update on what states we still need. Colorado and Montana are now on board, but unfortunately our one car wash in New Mexico had to cancel, so we still need these 14 states:

1) Maine
2) New Hampshire
3) Rhode Island
4) Connecticut
5) Delaware
6) Mississippi
7) North Dakota
8) South Dakota
9) New Mexico
10) Utah
11) Idaho
12) Nevada
13) Alaska
14) Hawaii

Know anyone in any of these who would be able to run a car wash? It's not a difficult event to organize, but time is running out!