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Wash for Life got two big breaks today. First, an article about us appears in this week's National Catholic Register, which is one of the most widespread Catholic newspapers. Then, we got a spot on the Family News radio program, a project of Focus on the Family that broadcasts from around 500 stations across the country. We've been working with the authors and have been looking forward to this for a long time. Keep an eye open for the Register article, and listen to the radio broadcast online.


Blogger CamilloL said...

Hi, Wash for Life,

This is a great idea you guys have going. I'm going to try to convince my youth group to sign up. The article in the National Catholic Register caught my eye, especially when I saw that you most of you guys are graduates from TA. I have a friend you is attending the college's summer camp this summer. Anyway, I wanted to congratulate you guys on a great idea and with you God's blessings on the endeavor.


9:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm a retired marketing guy with a tag idea to the car wash. It could stimulate interest and garner widespread publicity. It needs meat on the bones, but you guys will get it and could get more creative. Here go's.

Create a villian. Call it David against Goliath in all your signage (big)for the event. David = you and all the young people washing cars for $5 bucks (or whatever) and giving the money for those in crisis pregnancy. Goliath = The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, now joined by Warren Buffet and his billions, supporting Planned Parenthood and the culture of death. Very rich people with a twisted agenda makes for a VERY effective villian. Villians sell! People like David's against golliath's.

The media would also like the play. They thrive on controversy. Imagine a photo of this hitting the wire services and it getting picked up by various outlets. Imagine Gates opening his paper in the morning and seeing this. Imagine what will be going through his mind about his customer base who build using his products (young people). Imagine all those techies using his sofware becoming aware of his person. Imagine the potential of free publicity.

Contact a printer friend/benefactor and create the signage for use on a local basis. Charge for the signage to get a revenue stream to support your effort. Note: Signage is ALWAYS poor at these church-run car washes: Too small, not punchie. People pass by.

That's it. Think about it.

I saw the post in the National Catholic Register. Met with our Respect Life group at church and will be trying to get the youth group to support the 9/16 event.

Best from Vero Beach, FL.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, one more thought on the photo shoot (from the post above).

Create two car wash lines in your church parking lot with big signage at the start of each line. Goliath on the left and David on the right. Have no cars waiting in the goliath line and many cars in the David line. Post workers in the empty line with sad faces. Ahead, call the local paper for the shoot. Remember, the photographer will not be on time so you'll have to quickly create the stage.

Of course, for the regular customers, you play up to the staging with your greetor so as to get your message out to them. Get them to pick David's line.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best regards from NY! » » »

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