WFL is no longer available in cheez whiz..

Well everything is going well ( except that the Red Sox have lost four days in a row). We are hoping that people will see the sign-on page and sign up.

Check this site out www.carwashguys.com They have a lot of neat ideas, and maybe their information could answer some of your car washing questions. Another idea is to check with your pregnancy care center maybe you could have the wash in their parking lot. A cool idea that people have mentioned to us, is to sell tickets to the car washes before the car wash.

What else, well Henry is back!!! Yes he is great, he brings us donuts, we like him a lot. Jon wanted you all to know that he is still here, and still beautiful (See picture). Napolean the fish is very alive and well.

Check out our group on Facebook( or as Hillary calls it "Myface") The facebook group is called the Wash for Life!

Another thing, if you want to sign up but don't have time. Give us a ring and we can do it over the phone! The number is 703 241 7171. So far the east is winning with the sign ups, so you Pacific coasters, sign up to wash them cars and save those babies.

Only one member of the team eats canned cheese, guess who?

PS Ingrid has no life, and gets to poke fun on the blog. She probably will never be allowed to post again.


Anonymous john said...

What the..? Good grief, I'm gone for a couple days and this is what happens..

2:52 AM  
Blogger bernadettemorey said...

Oooh! I know! I know!! Pick me! I know who eats canned cheese! It's only the most appreciated gift I've ever given! :)

7:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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